Crop Production Department

The Crop Production, Research, and Extension department is the core department of the Ministry of Agriculture and irrigation with the objective to increase the country’s agricultural production and productivity by coordinating and providing technical services to the Somali farmers and investors to improve their living standards and provide effective leadership through enabling environment, to get sustainable food security.

 Mr. Mohamed Muse Adan

Mr. Mohamed Muse Adan

Director of Crop Production Department


To provide national leadership and support to plant production sector in Production that will enable it to play a meaningful role in ensuring food Production economic development, and poverty alleviation. This is done through the development, promotion and co-ordination of the appropriate regulatory frameworks and practices.


A united, prosperous and sustainable plant production sector. 


Effectively develop, implement policies, laws and regulations through a participatory process involving agricultural stakeholders along the value chain to get sustainable food security around the country. That will increase productivity, profitability, and competitiveness of the plant production through.
• Developing and promoting implementation programmes to improve crop    production through capacity development.
• Assessing the impact of plant production systems/programmes.
• Rendering advisory services on crop production matters.


Based on the policies and regulation of Country the department strategically developed objectives in order to achieve its goals and vision. The objectives include:

To increase the supply of improved planting materials to smallholder farmers,

To reduce pre and post-harvest crop losses,

To improve access and use of improved and recommended farm inputs,

To intensify irrigated crop production,

To promote diversified crop production in suitable areas,

To coordinate agricultural production survey,

To promote crop enterprise mechanization and agro-processing,

To reduce drudgery of farm operations.

Departmental structure

Crop Production Department  consists of  six  sections:

Field crops


Soil surveyor



climate smart agriculture