Planning and Policy Department

The Planning and Policy department is under the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of the Federal Republic of Somalia. The Department was established under the administrative-wide Ministerial restructuring by the Ministry. The Department is one of those core departments in the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation. It works closely with national and sub-national level institutions and international partners, and coordinates national development programs.

Mr. ________

Mr. ________

Director of Planning and Policy Department


Formulation and analysis of agricultural policies and programmes and assessment of impact on both producers and consumers;

Formulating, implementing and monitoring agricultural and irrigation legislations and regulations.

Establishing an enabling policy environment that will encourage, facilitate and promote agriculture value-addition, and agriculture business opportunities.

Preparation of policies and strategies for supporting agriculture and irrigation development.

Organizing, implementing and monitoring and evaluating strategic plans for agriculture and irrigation

Coordination and preparation of MoAI’s Annual Plan

Monitoring and Evaluation of agricultural sector programmes, projects and expenditures;

Provision of technical support in project appraisal, mid-term and project completion evaluations of programmes and projects under the ministry;

Dissemination of information on the implementation of agricultural sector activities; and

Designing ways of collecting survey and interpreting statistical analysis for policy development, evaluation/monitoring, forecasting and national statistics, and developing statistical tools for future data collection.