Plant Protection Department

Plant Protection Department is one of the most important and very technical departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation. It is responsible for the protection of agricultural resources of Somalia from dangerous plant pests and diseases. It has working relationships with all departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, especially in technical issues with the Research and Extension sections.

Mr. Abdi Mohamed Hussein

Mr. Abdi Mohamed Hussein

Director of Plant Protection Department


To be a primary national institution for excellence in pest management without destroying the biodiversity

Strengthening Somali’s agricultural potential for the production of high-quality agricultural products free from plant pests and diseases to compete in the international markets


To protect Somali agriculture resources against the risks related to the invasions, entry, establishment, and spread of plant pests and diseases through new scientific methods and techniques

To generate and introduce pest management technologies that are safe for human and plant health

To disseminate pest management technologies for effective adoption by farmers

To reduce crop losses by pest organisms (quality & quantity) – to economically acceptable level.


The mandate of Plant Protection Department is to promote the utilization of environmental-friendly chemical and non-chemical control methods to manage pest situations in the entire country through:

Formulation & application of agrochemical policies and regulations as well as phytosanitary and quarantine pests

Information management (surveillance & pest database) and Pest Risk Analysis (PRA)

Research and Development (entomology, pathology, weed science, vertebrate pests, plant protection products & fertilizers)

Diagnostic activities: identity of insect pest/disease pathogen/weeds

Laboratory and advisory services

Education and awareness activities

Organizational Structure

Plant protection department consists of  six technical sections:

Insect and disease control

Migratory pests

Agrochemicals (pesticides and fertilizers)

Weed control


Quarantine, Phytosanitary and Safety