Hon. Ahmed Madobe Nunow (Ahmed Baashe)

Expertise: Leadership, Humanitarian Development, Banking and Finance

Experience: 15+ years


Mr. Ahmed Mathobe Nunow is a Member of Parliament (MP) in the current Somalia’s 11th Parliament and currently serves as the Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation at the Federal Government of Somalia. He has served for three and half years (2019-2022) as the Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Development of South West State (SWS) of Somalia and a Member of the SWS’s second legislature (2020-2022). Mr. Mathobe has previously worked as a senior technical and policy advisor in the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources of Federal Government of Somalia (2018-2019). Before joining public service, he has worked in Somalia, Kenya and the Netherlands for over 10 years in the fields of humanitarian,development, finance and academic research.

Mr. Mathobe holds 2 bachelor degrees in Business Management, Finance & Banking and International Public Management (politics and economics) at Moi University, Kenya and the Hague University of Applied Sciences respectively. He also studied MSc public administration, Economics and Governance at Leiden University, Netherlands. He is currently concluding his PhD at Leiden University.
He has an accumulated professional and political experience of over 15 years.

Minister's Message

It is my honour and pleasure to warmly welcome you the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation for the Federal Republic of Somalia to capitalize the outreach and visibility with regards to the ministries activities.

I would like to give your attention the recognition and prioritization of the importance of Somalias agricultural sector which is considered a major contributor to our economy to the tune of 60% of the countrys GDP and 80% of its employment and 90% of its exports. Somalia has an estimated of 8.1 million Hectares of fertile land suitable for agricultural production both irrigated and rainfed agriculture.

Agriculture sector is the backbone of the Somali economy. Agriculture is the dominant sector of the Somalia economy and its performance is the major determinant of overall GDP growth rate. The agricultural sector has a crucial role in ensuring food security, job creation, income generation, and foreign exchange earnings. Indeed, about 70% of the countrys population lives in rural areas and derives its livelihood from agriculture and related activities. The agriculture sector is the key to addressing poverty and food insecurity in Somalia.

Since 2022 the Ministry prepared many policies, laws and strategies to improve the agriculture sector with the mission for the institutional capacity development and also implemented critical projects to increase agricultural production and productivity and protect the recurrent flooding and droughts and building the resilience of the communities at local level.

The Ministry is very committed to create enabling environment and dissemination of the Ministrys information, policies, laws, strategies and projects to the public both locally and internationally to achieve the vision of the Ministry and implementation of the national priorities.

I would like to 

Yours Sincerely,