About The Ministry

The MOA has the mandate of overall management of agriculture development and resources for sustainable food security, reduction of poverty and improved livelihood for the Somali people. It is also mandated to establish an enabling environment that will encourage, facilitate and promote agriculture, value-addition, and agriculture business opportunities.

Active Projects

Ministry Key Functions

For the recovery of the agriculture sector, the MOA&I will need to focus on the following functions

Rebuilding the MOA&I Offices

Improving and rehabilitating agricultural infrastructure

Increasing local agricultural production

Strengthening resource mobilization capacity of the ministry.

Formulate, implement and monitor agricultural policies, legislation, and regulations.

Establish an enabling policy environment that will encourage, facilitate and promote agriculture value-addition, and agriculture business opportunities.

Provide and scale up agricultural research and extension services.

Develop, implement and coordinate initiatives in the agricultural sector.

Regulate and control the quality of inputs, produce and products from the sector

Manage and control pests and diseases in crops.

Together with other partners, promote management and conservation of the natural resource base for agriculture development.

Collect, maintain and manage information on the agricultural sector.


The Ministry intends to create an enabling environment for Somalis and other investors to develop the agricultural sector that will improve the livelihoods of rural households, ensure a reliable supply of quality and affordable food while sustaining the natural environment.


The mission of Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation is to improve the livelihood of Somali citizens by ensuring food security through the creation of an enabling environment and sustainable agricultural resources management.